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Beliefs and Opinions

Here's what I think...

My Most Recent Philosophy!

I think that all of the reporters and news stations and what not that are covering the whole Lynndie England thing should leave town, Its anoying, the last few times I went to Fort Ashby the idiots were standing outside of the only bar in town waiting for people that they could interview. And I think that its terrible that Sandi Bradley was misquoted in the Baltimore Sun, on the topic of Lynndie. Lately all of the reporters have made us out to look like drunken freaks just because one girl held up a cigarette, punish her, not us.

I think that everything is left open to change, Ive been overanalyzing alot lately and i decided that everything can be proven wrong.  I was thinking that people dont see me as i see me, its impossible, because i see colors and shapes and details when i look into the mirror that i think are just there because i think they are there.  I also think im going nuts and that it would be awesome if i could wake up one day and not be able to talk.

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