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About Me, Im
Made by my loverly sister kate ^_^

Here's more than you probably want to know about me...

Im the girl u wanna be, im a lady but i wanna be free, im down in the streets doin my dance, im the girl that puts ur man in a trance!

The below picture is of kelly all the way on the left kate in the middle and me, kristin, on the right,  my dad took this picture while we were on vacation, i had a hell of a good time and kate and kel had fun too i guess, it was kellys first time bindge drinking :) GO KEL


I'm 16 years old, and your average teenager that apparently looks like shes 22.  Nothing at all wrong with that :) I love to read and I love to drive my 1990 Jeep Wrangler, for a long time I was talking about selling it, but now that the weather is nice I love to have it around. I've never been known to be very studious....but im smart, I don't like due dates unless its something that im interested in.  I cant just put a bunch of words that I dont mean down onto paper and hand it in. I'm good at making improv speeches, I like to talk in front of my Oral and Written class, I like to sing, and dance, and sometimes i even like to do girly stuff, but thats only sometimes. I really love music, any kind, basically punk or rock but I've been known to be a fan of country and rap over the years. My favorite peice of clothing is a pair of pants that actually belong to my sister but she has lost all hope of getting them back, they  are some old worn in american eagle pants with holes in both knees and they are about two sizes to big. I love to be comfortable and I love to be cuddled.

Favorite Stuff

This is my favorite junk!

Favorite TV Show: Simpsons
Favorite Movie: Dangerous Beauty
Favorite Music: Whatevers around
Favorite Book: Lord of the Flies or The Catcher in the Rye
Favorite Sports Team: Bishop Walsh
Favorite Food: cinnamon and brown sugar poptarts, and pepperoni pizza bites, and chineese
Favorite Drink: Diet pepsi, Bitch beer
People I Most Admire: Trevor(He is one of the most caring individuals i know, and i realize that no matter how much i screw up...because i do quite often... he will always be my best friend!), The Crazy People(cuz well... they're crazy), Jason (because he is such an intelligent person and he makes me think), Sarah Kay(Cuz shes my baby doll) 

Favorite Quotes

Im an invariable, indistructable, wind up doll. - me
Im so suprised i didnt..... o wait.... i did put my arm in butter!- Kate
Where the sun sets, the moon shines, i belive in you, and ill never leave this time.- me
I do not read the reviews... i am not singing for you- bright eyes
Things are never as they seem- Josh

The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.
-Henry David Thoreau

*I am me*
There will not ever be anyone like me.
I am special because I am unique.
I am stardust and dreams.
I am light.
I am love and hope.
I am hugs and sometimes tears.
I am the words "I love you".
I am swirls of blue, gree, red, yellow, purple, orange, and the colors no one can name
I am the sky, the sea, the earth.
I trust yet I fear.
I hide yet I dont hold anything back.
I am free
I am a child becoming an adult.
I am me, and me is just right